Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kevin Gillogly is NOT Running for County Council

We promised our readers close coverage of the County Council District 4 race, and boy do we have a doozy for you! In a shocking development, we have just learned that Maryland Politics Watch contributor and District 4 resident Kevin Gillogly is NOT running for the seat! We caught up with the famed blogger outside his office and landed this exclusive interview.

Adam: Kevin, why have you decided not to run?

Kevin: Well Adam, I was all set to do it. My website was ready. My fundraising solicitations were about to go out. I ordered the voter lists. My literature was prepped.

Adam: So what happened?

Kevin: I found out that they’re holding a special election! I thought MCDCC was going to pick the replacement. That would have made things a lot simpler.

Adam: Indeed it would have, although now you won’t have to buy any royal bon-bons.

Kevin: It’s a great shame. I had my team all put together. Nancy Navarro was going to be my campaign manager. Ben Kramer was going to be my treasurer. And Steve Kanstoroom was going to be my press liaison. But when I called a meeting of my team a couple weeks ago, none of them showed up. I’m still trying to figure that one out.

Adam: Yes, I’m sure that puzzles our readers too. It would have been nice to have a fellow blogger elected to office. Kind of like actually getting one geek into the prom.

Kevin: There is a bright side to it, I guess. For instance, I won’t have to take any phone calls from crazy activists.

Adam: That’s why council members hire staff. They’re supposed to take the abuse for you.

Kevin: Oh right. Hey Adam… when you were talking about the potential candidates, why did you mention Free State Politics’ Eric Luedtke but not me?

Adam: Well, he’s a serious blogger.

Kevin: What the hell do you mean by that?

Adam: Errr, moving on… are you going to endorse any of the remaining candidates?

Kevin: I don’t know. Most of my endorsed candidates lose. I mean, I ran as a pledged delegate for John Edwards for heaven’s sake!

Adam: Any advice for the candidates still in the race?

Kevin: Don’t read the blogs. You never know if the posts are for real or if they’re just ridiculous spoofs!

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